Driving the police up the wall at Fortnums

I am late catching up with last week’s Sunday Times and its description of the scene at Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly during the recent disturbances:

Thirty police in riot gear went into the store to drag out protesters but others scaled the building and chalked “Tax the rich” and “Tory scum” on its walls. One played…a clarinet on the roof

So, thirty police did this, but others did that, is that the sense of it?  The only thing I am unsure about is whether the police who scaled the walls were wearing riot gear or whether that was only for those who went into the store. I reckon that shinning up walls, writing things and playing musical instruments is probably impossible in riot gear, so I conclude that the qualifying description “in riot gear” applies only to those who went into the store.What were the protesters doing meanwhile?

Let’s bring back Latin in schools, to make sure that serious newspapers keep their subjects distinct from their objects.

It was later rumoured on Twitter that a group of tweed-clad Old Etonians had trashed the Slough branch of Lidl in a reprisal raid.



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