The Times iPad app drives out my 40 year imperative to read the paper every day

September 6, 2013

You have a few spare moments over breakfast, so you pick up your paper copy of the Times, hoping to skim a few pages of it. The pages, however, seem stuck together and it takes you several attempts to move between them. The struggle to turn the pages means that you barely get to read anything.


Suddenly, your newsagent bursts in. He has a later edition to give you and won’t take No for an answer, interposing himself between you and the edition you actually wanted to read. As if that were not annoying enough, he won’t actually let go of the new edition, clinging onto it as you try to take it – you do that because that seems to be your only hope of getting rid of him. By the time you have got the new edition, you have run out of reading time for the copy you actually want to read.

You give up, and hope to catch up while you are on the Tube. But here is that bloody newsagent again – there is an update, he says, but he can’t let you have it just now. Meanwhile, he just stands in the way, again preventing you from reading the old one. Read the rest of this entry »